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This game is about a kid with big imagination and his cat. Is there really anything that can stand in the way of a surely very important mission on every planet of their home?


ThrowItDown.zip 141 MB


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Hi I really like your game, I'd love to interview you about it for my university assignment . Can I have your email to send you my questions?

Hi, thanks!

love this game!

Thank you very much!

Hey there spectators and Devs,

First off I'd like to say, thank you.   I usually play horror games but while I was searching for one to play yesterday, I just couldn't find anything that really catches the eye.

Just when I was about to give up and call it a night, I saw this game.  Then I played it.  Then I melted.  Short and sweet and bubbly and pooper doo, I love my little space kitty.

Thanks for showing us your work Developers.

Put a smile on, you've earned it.

- L Squared

Thanks for your kind words, I think its very possible that we will finish the game, it will take way more time than the jam version did though.

hey can I start my story about this ? 

                                                                                  -demon girl 

What do you mean?

Deleted 118 days ago

Ugh, thats bad, I guess there is no way for me to upload an uncooked version till the jam is over, I am sorry, I can send you a google drive link later tonight may be?

Deleted 118 days ago

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1agFMgbkhFaff91kNMNSkr-ORDEQZnioW/view?usp=shari... Try this one, I hope it works

Deleted 118 days ago
Deleted 118 days ago

Good to know, I hope it was worth a try :)